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  • Q How to use an ultrasonic cleaner?

    A 1. Connect the cable between the cleaning tank and the generator
    2. Pour the cleaning liquid into the cleaning tank (the amount of cleaning liquid poured is the same as when the object to be cleaned is placed, and the position of the liquid level is preferably about three-quarters of the whole)
    2. Put the items to be cleaned in the cleaning tank
    3. plug in
    4. Turn on machine and adjust power to max
    5. Set the cleaning time&temperature and turn it on
  • Q How does the flow rate of the cleaning solution affect the effect of ultrasonic cleaning?

    A The flow speed of the cleaning solution should not be too fast, so as not to reduce the cleaning effect, The liquid does not flow during the cleaning process, when the growth and closing movement of the bubbles can be fully completed. If the flow rate of the cleaning liquid is too fast, some cavitation nuclei will be taken away by the flowing liquid, and some cavitation nuclei will leave the sound field before reaching the whole process of growth and closing motion, thus reducing the overall cavitation intensity.
  • Q What are the installation methods for the transducer and vibration plate?

    A The ultrasonic transducer is specifically installed and pasted on the bottom, side or bottom and side of the tank body, and the transducer is pasted on both the bottom and the side. It should be determined according to the original characteristics of the cleaning workpiece, such as size, material, shape, and the characteristics of the stains to be cleaned, etc.
  • Q Is the higher the frequency of ultrasound the better?

    A Ultrasonic waves at 40KHz can remove the widest range of particle sizes, enough to remove most of the dirt we commonly see, so this frequency is widely used. As the frequency increases, the particles that can be removed are smaller, and the force of the ultrasonic wave is smaller. In some industries that require high cleanliness of cleaning, such as cleaning optical lenses for coating, cleaning liquid crystal panels, cleaning silicon wafers, etc., we usually use multi-frequency multi-tank multi-step cleaning to remove particles step by step. At present, some frequency conversion ultrasonic cleaning machines on the market can theoretically clean particles of different particle sizes, but due to the complexity of the system, the working efficiency of the ultrasonic vibrator is low, and the overall cleaning efficiency will decrease.
  • Q Is the higher the temperature of the ultrasonic cleaner, the better?

    A Under different solvents and temperatures, the cavitation intensity and conduction efficiency of ultrasonic waves are different, and the greater the cavitation intensity, the higher the cleaning efficiency. When the water temperature is around 50°C, the cavitation intensity of ultrasonic waves is the highest. Therefore, the optimum temperature should be 40-60°C for ultrasonic cleaning with water.
  • Q Is the power of the ultrasonic cleaner better

    A Not necessarily, the cleaning effect of ultrasonic waves is related to the energy conversion efficiency of the vibrator. The spherical ultrasonic cleaning machine adopts high-quality metal vibrators, so that the conversion efficiency of ultrasonic energy is above 90%, and after thousands of experiments, the final use is in line with the vast majority. Power required by customers. On the contrary, if the power is too large, it will cause pitting on the surface of the object, thereby damaging the workpiece. At the same time, the bottom of the cleaning tank will also produce corrosion points, which will damage the cleaning equipment, which will outweigh the gains.
  • Q Shipping Way?

    A By Air/Express(DHL,FEDEX,UPS......)/ sea/Automobile/land transportation/ train etc.
  • Q Paying Method?

    A ①T/T, 100% in advance for sample/small order
    ②bulk order 30% deposit T/T in advance, balance made before shipment
    ③Paying Alibaba online, we will give discount
  • Q OEM is accepted?

    A Yes, even quantity is 1pcs, please send us your detailed requirement, we will quote according to your configuration
  • Q What is the warranty?

    A Standard is 12 month, if you asked longer warranty also no problem, as generally speaking, our products can be used about 5-6 years under right operation.
  • Q What is the ratio of cleaning solution to water ?

    A The ratio of cleaning solution to water is 1:9
  • Q How to maintain a washing machine?

    A Regularly use high-pressure wind to blow dust on the electrical control part, Clean the cleaning tank at least once a week
  • Q The machine can be used without filtering?

    A Yes, certainly, Filtration system and ultrasonic cleaning system are controlled separately, so the machine can be used without filtration
  • Q For single tank, with filter or not, how to choose?

    A If the oil pollution is very heavy, cleaning quantity is more, have a high requirement for cleanliness and environmental protection, and with sufficient budget, in the long-term interests, filter version will be the best choice. In contrast, choose the version without filter system
  • Q What is the difference between single tank ultrasonic cleaner with filter and without filter version?

    A There are four main aspect difference between them as below:
    1. Appearance and Size (same inner tank, but filter version actual final size is bigger )
    2. Function (With filter version more function than without version)
    3. Cost (With filter version cost is expensive than without filter one)
    4. Cleaning Effects( with filter version have much better cleaning effect than without filter version),
    4.1 filter the floating oil impurities on the surface to prevent secondary pollution,
    4.2 Prolong the service life of cleaning agent and save cleaning agent
    4.3  Improve the utilization rate of cleaning agent, reduce cost and prevent environmental pollution
  • Q Which cleaning liquid/agents/solvent should we choose when cleaning?

    A Generally speaking, liquids except strong acids and alkalis can be cleaned, and hot water can also be cleaned. hot water when at 50 degrees Celsius cleaning effect best
    For cleaning liquid, we will match different types according to your cleaning goods, eg. If you cleaning sth Oil removal, then you can choose alkaline liquid or hot water, for derusting, you can choose acidic liquid or hot water, for paint removal, you can choose paint remover.
  • Q When we choose different liter ultrasonic cleaner, some tips advised for you?

    A 1. the larger capacity(liter) it is, the more expensive the product it is, the higher weight and volume of product, the higher shipping cost it will be paid
    2. you'd better choose the suitable liter you needed
  • Q How to choose the ultrasonic cleaner capacity(liter)?

    A 1.know which kind of product will you clean for?eg. engine part, auto part, etc.
    2. know the approximately size of them(L*W*H)
    3. Special large&complex machine if which can be took part, we can check according to the largest part size among them
    4. if still not know how to select, please just ask salesman

If you have any questions, please contact us via email or telephone and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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